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I watched the presentation of AgriGaia yerterday and I joined in order to discover the features of the platform. I am interested in finding out how thing work out here and whether I can take benefits from AgriGaia in my current workflow. However, the whole website is in German and it’s not clear where to access the platform.

Could you help me in finding the link to the platform?
Any plans to make the platform multi-lingual in the near fruture?


Hello Roland,

welcome in our community! :slight_smile:

Agri-Gaia is a research project and we just started in our second year. It is planned to translate this website to english, in the near future.

Like this website a plattform and a marktplace is still under development and not publically available yet. So there is no link for open access. The plattforms will be multilingual. The best you can do is to stay informed, about our progress. You can follow our project on LinkedIn, Twitter and in this community.

If you have a specific Use-Case or requests please get in touch with me.

Best Regards

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Hello Jonathan,

thanks for your answer. I will follow the updates.